Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

1. Operator details/data

Company name: Robert Gergics (primary producer)
Place and billing address: Hungary, 7940 Szentlőrinc, Nefelejcs utca 3/A
Tax number: 51368104-1-22
Small Producer Registration Number: 23105T00102
Electronic access: info@chilion.hu
Phone: +36 20 26 26 304
Bank account: 11731135-20011318-00000000
Data handling registration number: NAIH-83544/2015

2011 CXII. Act 68 p. Pursuant to paragraph 6 of the Data Protection registration number:

Hosting Provider Information:

DoclerNet Hosting Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság,
1101 Budapest, Expo tér 5-7.
phone: +36 1 432 3133,
e-mail: info(@)doclernet.hu 

2. Products offered by Chilion Webshop

In our Webshop, chili sauces, chili peppers and chili powders are offered for customers.

The price of products on display include VAT at the statutory rates, however, may not include the delivery fee. Special packaging costs will not be charged.

3. Steps of purchase/purchasing

  • The desired products should be put in the ‘Shopping Cart’.
  • If you want to put/select/add more products to your ‘Cart’, choose the ‘Continue to buy’ button. If you do not want to buy more products, make sure you check the number of pieces of products in your ‘Cart’. If you click on ‘Delete’, you can delete the content of your ‘Cart’. After giving the quantity, you should click on ‘Refresh Cart’.
  • Delivery / Billing and registration details should be given or login as a registered partner. To send your order, registration in not required!
  • Choosing Delivery / Paying methods. You can pay for the desired products via bank transfer or with PayPal platform at the same time you place order, or you can pay at the same time receiving the package. (Cash on delivery)
  • One courier company in contract with Chilion Nederland will deliver the ordered products, or by own car to the given address.
  • Order

Important! You have to pay attention to exactness of the details you give, since the ordered products will be invoiced and delivered based on the data given by you.

  • After filling your data, you can continue your purchase by clicking on ‘Order’ button. At this point you can double-check the details of your order again, and you can leave any comments regarding your order.
  • After your purchase, you will receive automatic confirmation e-mail with the data provided by you. In case you do not receive confirmation about your order, please contact us.

4. Prices

The actual valid prices are always the prices displayed on our Web-shop at the time of placing the order. The Operator reserves the right to change the prices of the product. Should a false price appear in the web-shop due to some technical failure, we contact you via telephone or e-mail prior to dispatching the product for you. These orders will not be considered valid, not even in case the Customer received a confirmation letter about the false order.

5. Processing orders

Chilion processes the orders from 09:00 to 16:00 on every working day. You can place your order any time, but in case you place it after the given time period, the order will be processed the coming working day. General completion/fulfilment deadline is within 3-7 working days from the date of the acknowledgment.

The pictures displayed on the data sheet of the products may differ from reality; in some cases can be illustration. We reserve the right to refuse orders already confirmed, in part or in full. Partial execution should take place only after consultation with the buyer! In case of advance settlement of the purchase price of the product is referred back to the sender of the amount.

6. Delivery and payment

The customer fulfils its payment obligation for the purchased products and services, by either bank transfer, or with Paypal or Barion smart pay at the time of placing the order, or by cash, on delivery. The ordered products are delivered to the address given by the customer, by a courier company in contract with the Operator, or by an own vehicle of Chilion Nederland. 

7. Warranties and right of withdrawal

We are obliged by Civil Code to provide warranty for our products. A claim of warranty is valid by a Customer, if the provided product does not meet the requirements stipulated by law, or contract at the time of fulfilment of the order. The Customer has the right of withdrawal until 14 days from the date of receiving the products, according to Government 45\2014( II. 26.) Gov. Regulation.

The customer must return the products to our company within 14 days from the date of exercising the right of withdrawal. In this case, the price paid by the Customer is refunded by our company as soon as possible, but not later than in 14 days. In case of withdrawal, the Customer is responsible for any costs arising from returning the products. The customer can validate its right of withdrawal via any of our contact availability. 

8. Privacy Policy

The Service supplier became aware of the personal information required to be kept confidential, their knowledge of that could allow without prior consent of the other person is not, and must not make them public. The duty of confidentiality to the employees, members, agents of the provider charged and are liable for breaches of the law in the same way. The duty of confidentiality to the employees of the employment relationship, the member of membership, and the envoy charged even after the termination of the contract of engagement. Advanced data protection rules can be read in Terms and Conditions.

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